How to connect physical with digital play?


LEGO is synonym of imagination, creativity and fun. The company's motto being: "Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow." As one of the largest manufacturer of toys in the world, it is also a key partner of North Kingdom since 2012. From this relationship, multiple projects came to life. LEGO Life is one of them:

For LEGO's first fully-digital product, we helped them to create a social network where children can safely share their creations, take on building challenges, get inspirations and create a community of friends.

Role: Ux Designer

Year: 2016 - 3 months


The project

Part of a team of a project manager, two Ui designers, two Ux designers and two developpers, I was deeply involved in the project where we were in regular contact with the LEGO's internal departments. 

How to bring the physical world onto the digital one? How to gather and engage an online community? How to connect kids between each other in a safe and friendly way? How to grow the interests of the fans over the long-term? All those questions where the foundation to create the user stories that would define the app.


My role

My role consisted in making sure that none of the user stories where missing through the interface. By detailing them as flows, we would then test that all the screens and interactions were consistent and coherent via prototypes (InVision, Flinto...). 


The visual approach

It aims to be kids-friendly with colorful components (buttons, frames, background...), eye-catchy content that relate to the LEGO world and engaging interactions (challenges, comments, polls...), but remains simple to navigate through, with a clear and contrasted bottom/action bar.

Building challenges

Participate in virtual challenges with your physical LEGO stuff and upload your creations in the app.

Vote and interact with others

Take part in polls about the LEGO world, check out and comment the results.


Create your own universe and add stickers to the pictures you upload.

What did I learn?

Working with a rigorous and creative company such as LEGO was an enlightening experience, because they have been ruling the toy's market for over 80 years, and even though their target audience has evolved a lot over the past decades, they still get inspired by them and find endless creative ways of trying something new.


I got fully integrated in the project, my team trusted me and counted on me to give my thoughts and advices, even as an intern. I had to learn how to react quickly and look for alternatives, especially when the client's desires and expectations didn't meet our approaches.

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