Onetime for Watch

An app built on the metaphor of the earth’s rotation.


Onetime™ displays all the cities that matter to you as they move through the day and night in a natural, clockwise direction referencing the international date line. 

My task? Create the watch app version of Onetime™, an app that shows your favorite time-zones on one simple dial. As my first true project as an intern in a design agency, I had to show that  throught a design process, I was able lead this project from start to finish..

Role: Ui/Ux Designer intern


In the app

"As an international company, we thought: there must be a more easy to schedule meetings around the world." Onetime™

With Onetime, users know at one glance what time it is in all places around the globe. Scheduling meetings between different time zones has never been easier: one touch on the screen lets user find out the best time to meet.

On the Watch

How to transpose a minimalistic approach on a small screen, while keeping the app's functionnalities running? Especially when on a watch, you are not supposed to raise your arm for too long.

From drawings to user flows...


... from user flows to prototypes.

parallax onetimeparallax onetime

What did I learn?

I had to show that I was capable of being autonomous, that I could take up the challenge, I could understand our users, grasp the constraints, brainstorm, search for inspirations, find creative solutions, prototype and deliver...


Even if Apple rejected the watch version (They didn't allow any app which primary function is time keeping) leading this project as an intern and getting feedback from my experienced colleagues was a rewarding experience.

The Watch just came out at that time, so I had to step up in a new world, understand its Ui and Ux patterns, guidelines, and propose a solution.

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